Why The Book

As consultants in the areas of strategy, leadership, and innovation, Ron, Evans and Prof have often found that many people within the organizations they advise are not fully aware of, or engaged in, the preparation, creation, and optimization of their organization’s strategy. In these situations, the organization will inevitably achieve suboptimal performance.
Optimizing Strategy for Results guides you through a step-by-step model for preparing, creating, and optimizing great strategy that is carried out in seven stages. Each stage in the strategy process is designed to move your organization forward. These stages are designed so that team members can influence the processes and the results, which will contribute to strategy ownership and collaboration across the organization.
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Who is this Book For?

This book is for leaders, executives, and business owners who are interested in:

  • Establishing a proven framework for creating a strategy that can be dynamic and responsive
  • Addressing the importance of creating a culture aligned to create and execute on this strategy
  • Aligning the diversities of people’s talents, skills, and passions as a key component of leveraging their strengths throughout the strategy continuum

How Will You Benefit From This Book?

This book is for leaders, executives, and business owners who are interested in:

Optimizing Strategy for Results teaches leaders and organizations to improve how they prepare for, create, and optimize strategy to achieve the best results. This book will provide valuable insights if you’re a strategy practitioner who is not content with your current level of expertise. If you are convinced about the importance of creating and optimizing good strategy but frustrated with the current gaps between them, the framework will also help you close the gaps.

Use this book as a resource to motivate your team to gain competence and confidence in the mastery of good strategy.

How WIll the Book Benefit You

7 Stages of Strategy

Part 1: Preparation

Foundations of Strategy

Building Strategic Intelligence

Part 2: Creating Strategy

Creative Strategic Thinking

Making Strategic Decisions

Strategic Planning for Execution

Part 3: Optimizing Strategy

Strategic Execution

Strategic Evaluation and Learning

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