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Timothy Mwololo Waema, PhD.

Ron Price

Ron Price


Evans Baiya, PhD.

What they are saying…

Padraig Berry, Managing Director, TTI Success Insights

It is not often one comes across any book that successfully combines principles, practices and people. All three are required for success in any domain, and here the authors show how to effectively align them for results, in an ever-changing world. A handbook for anyone who wants to develop and implement strategy that works.

Dr. Lisa M. Aldisert, Executive Advisor and Author, Pharos Alliance

Optimizing Strategy for Results offers a thorough, analytical assessment of the process of strategic planning…each chapter ends with segments on taking action and key takeaways, which provides you with triggers to integrate these academic concepts into your planning process.

Ted Epperly, MD, President and CEO | Family Medicine Residency of Idaho

Optimizing Strategy for Results is a terrifically written book that distills the complexity of organizational culture, strategy and individual aspiration into a clear path of organizational success.  Handling the new normal of volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous ( VUCA ) environments takes a clear vision, set of values and purpose. 

Prof. Peter M.F. Mbithi, Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Optimizing Strategy for Results…is an excellent and timely piece coming at the high peak of a very unpredictable, volatile and ambiguous business environment. It is spot-on, clear, innovative and simple in illustrating this complex environment we refer to as VUCA.  I found this book interesting, very easy to understand and very relevant.

Dr. Charles Borura –IT Governance and Strategy, Kenya Revenue Authority

The book Optimizing Strategy for Results distills essential steps and a roadmap for the business strategy development process, expressed with clarity, inspiring and beautifully delineated complexity, to provoke a strategic mindset in illustratively cinematic terms. 

Ms. Millicent Awiti, Manager Strategy & Change, National Social Security Fund, Kenya

I have enjoyed reading the book as it is practical.  My favorite parts are on building strategic intelligence and building strategic partnerships. It’s definitely my new guide.

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